Color Meanings in Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Color Meanings in Dreams

In our waking state, we usually associate colors with different moods and emotions. Similarly, our dreams also use colors to help us understand ourselves better.

Studies over the years have shown that people dream in color but they do not always recall them and perceive them to be colorless. Only 25% of people can actually recall colors in their dreams.

The meaning of colors in dream soften indicates your emotional state and personality traits. Colors in dreams can have different meanings and they may give you a good start of interpreting your own dreams. However, keep in mind that you are the best interpreter of your dreams.

Here is the list of the most common colors and their meanings:


To dream of the color black can have various different meanings. Black is the darkest color and it is always associated with negative emotions such as emptiness, loneliness, depression, mourning, and sadness. Black often symbolizes the unknown or mysteriousness. If you dream of moving into the darkness or blackness it probably means that you're undergoing a personality change or you're feeling threatened or frightened by something or someone.


Gray is a neutral color (a mixture of white and black) and it often represents indecision, confusion, or uncertainty. If you dream of the color gray, it means that you're afraid of commitment and you're going through life without emotional involvement. This color is also an indication that you're trying to escape from some anxious situation or you're feeling emotionally detached and lonely. Lighter shades of gray usually symbolize acceptance of an alternative.


Blue is a cool and peaceful color that is always associated with water, sky and heaven. It can symbolize creativity, new ideas, loyalty, honesty, and relaxation. To dream of the color blue is an indication that you feel the need to feel closely connected to others. The color light blue symbolizes positivity and healthy, honest and genuine emotions and thoughts. The color dark blue signifies insensitivity and situations or thoughts that are cold. This color is also associated with situations where you or someone else is being cold or harsh.


Green is the color of healing and hope. The color green symbolizes freshness and peace. To dream of the color green it means that you want recognition by someone or you need healing or money for security. Light green can indicate progress and emotional or psychological issues that you are finally overcoming. This color may also be a sign that you're experiencing physical healing. Dark green represents negative emotions like selfishness, greed, and jealousy, and to dream of this color means that you're preoccupied with your own interests.


Brown is an earthy color that indicated that you need to stay "grounded". To dream of the color brown it means that you're seeking physical comforts through sleep, food, and sex. Dark brown signifies negative thoughts and emotions while light brown indicates genuine desire to get rid of all the negative things in your life. This color also indicates that you want to fix a problem.


Pink is a symbol of love, romance, kindness, generosity, and affection. To dream of the color pink usually represents sexual lust or a desire to have something as soon as possible. Pink may also reflect drive, motivation, and ambition. To dream of this color can also mean that you don't care about anything else except having what you want.


Red is usually associated with passion, romance, lust, intimacy, and desire. For some, red also symbolizes violence, anger or a need to feel assertive. To dream of color red can be a warning or a sign to stop. Red is also an indication of negative thoughts, emotions or behaviors. It can also be a sign that you are being dishonest or excessive.


White is the symbol of purity, peace, knowledge and acceptance. We often associate white with positive feelings, but this color can also have a negative meaning. White is the color of mourning in Eastern cultures, so if you see people dressed in white, it can signify grief. White in dreams is mostly a good luck, but if you see white animals or birds, it can also be interpreted as a misfortune.