Number Meanings in Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Number Meanings in Dreams

Numerology has been used for hundreds and thousands of years to help determine a greater meaning in the cosmic plan. By definition, numerology is believing in the relationship between the numbers and coinciding events. But numbers play an important role in dreams too. Since numbers represent symbols, each one has its own spiritual power, vibration and significance. The numbers in dreams have different meanings from one individual to another, because their appearance in dreams depends on one's past and experience.

Dreaming numbers is a way of our sub-conscious mind to convey messages to the conscious one, suggesting that we need to act upon. However, it is not easy to understand the meaning of the numbers, because they appear in many different ways: stand-alone, repeating, indirectly, in a sequence, as a number of characters or objects, etc. Seeing numbers in your dreams can provide you an encouragement in a particular area of your life, but also reflect on your current situation in that same area.

Numbers in dreams could refer to our age, our house number, a significant date for us (birthday, anniversary, etc.), our lucky number or a number that is personally significant for us. But what do they mean and what are they trying to tell us? By knowing the meanings of the basic numbers (0 through 9), you may be able to put two and two together and successfully interpret the message from your sub-conscious.


Number 0 suggests infinity, wholeness and emptiness, because it appears endless. Utilizing a round shape, zero's emptiness symbolizes a void, suggesting that you might be going through a difficult time in your life. But since this round-shaped number appears endless, it could also mean holiness, infinity, freedom and eternity. Either way, the meaning of zero in a dream means that you're going around in circles, headed nowhere. Maybe your decisions and actions lately have been counter-productive.


If your dream features number one, your psychic self might be sensing a new beginning. Number one symbolizes a fresh start, a starting point, but it can also symbolize loneliness or solitude. But that's not all. This number also stands for individuality, confidence, ego, leadership and originality. So in other words, the meaning of number one in dreams can either be a new beginning or a warning sign to consolidate and avoid loneliness.


Number two stands for balance and choice, so it can be interpreted in many different ways. It may be indicating to make a choice between two things you've been putting off or to balance your time or budget. All of the elements of two can be interpreted from number two in a dream: yin and yang, partnership, duality, balance, sharing and others. When you find number two in your dreams, examine your family, friends, romantic and business partnerships.


Three is the number of creativity, but also the so-called heavenly number. When two people gather, their energy creates a new element, making the number 3 a symbol for growth. Seeing number three in a dream may suggest you that it's time to create something new. Whether you're an artists, musician or anything else, take your tools and let your creative juice flow.


Four stands for the 4th dimension – time, which is an illusion. Number 4 in dreams could symbolize order, structure or stability, because it is known as the first solid number. Being the number of immense strength, this number may suggest a sense of limitation or restraint. If you're far away from home and number four pays you a dream visit, maybe it's time to go home.


The appearance of number five in dreams is interpreted as a sign for traveling, moving and mobility in general. If you spot this number in a dream of yours, you better pack your bags and hit the road. Number five symbolizes adventures, joy and bliss, so its appearance in a dream is your green light to travel and gather new experiences.


Six is the number of harmony, love, marriage, partnership, collaboration and union. Dreaming the number six is a call for increased to yourself and your loved ones. It also urges you to spend more time enjoying all the beautiful things in your life. So the most logical indication of number six is a reunion with the people you care about most.


Seven is known as a spiritual number, so its meaning in dreams is often interpreted as a call for more elevated experience, experience that goes a long way beyond human perception of normal. Since seven is the number of higher thought, your dream might be suggesting you to take a course in higher education, read a new book, get a new hobby and get involved in spiritual learning and readings.


Eight is the number of infinity and the nature of life. The concept of infinity says that there are no limitations in the universe and that it goes on and on to eternity. Dreaming of the number 8 means that your sub-conscious is delivering you a message directly from the universe, saying “No worries, you're protected.” In other words, dreaming of number eight is thumbs up from the universe.


The final number in the system is nine, the number that symbolizes endings and completion. A new beginning comes after an end, so number nine hints an ending of one phase of your life and a beginning of new one. However, nine doesn't indicate endings, but happy returns. It asks for your attention to spiral back into your root, your core of who you are, and then find out our true value.