Most Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Most Common Dream Symbols

Every night, every individual has around five dream episodes which typically last between 15 and 40 minutes. Your dreams reflect who you are and what you need in life. Dreams contain different symbols and they often have a message that you need to uncover. Symbols in your dreams are presented in a metaphoric fashion and your conscious will need to figure out what they mean. Recognizing the most common dream symbols is a great way to start lucid dreaming and become able to recognize whether or not you're dreaming.

Take a look at some common dream symbols and their meanings that will help in your self-interpretations.


Most animals in dreams represent your habits. To dream that you're being chased by a predator means that you're holding back repressed emotions such as aggression or fear.


Angels appear in your dreams when you need to examine your attitude and your motivations. Angels are messengers and they often lead to new directions. To dream of angels can also indicate a desire of harmony, friendship, guidance, and emotional connection.


Babies often represent new beginnings and new ideas. To dream of a baby could also be a signal of an impending romance. If you dream that you are being chased by a baby it means that you're feeling threatened in real life.


The devil in dreams is the symbol of darkness and confusion. To dream of the devil means that you are preoccupied with negative thoughts. The devil could also signify repressed emotions temptations.


To dream about the death of a friend or family member usually represents change and new beginnings. If you are grieving, your dream may be an attempt to cope with the loss of your loved one.


Falling is one of the most common dream symbols. Dreams of falling usually represent a loss of control in some area of your life. It means that your relationship or career is going in the wrong direction and that it's time to redirect the situation.


This is another common dream symbol that represents your inner psyche. To dream of a house it means that you have a strong desire for security and safety. The condition of the house represents how you truly feel about your current situation and each floor of the house represents different parts of the mind. If the house is in ill-repair, it's a reminder that you need to take care of your health.


Mountains in dreams often symbolize overcoming of an obstacle as well as hard work and willpower. To dream that you're climbing a mountain may be a sign that you're facing an obstacle or a challenge in your life. To dream that you're on the top of a mountain means that you will overcome an obstacle.


Nudity symbolizes honesty and openness. To see yourself publicly naked in your dream means that you're concerned about how others may perceive you. This dream also reflects insecurities or being vulnerable. However, if you're dreaming that you’re flaunting your naked body, it means that you have a desire to be recognized.


Rings in your dreams represent a bond you have with another person or with your community. To dream of a ring that is slipping off your finger, it means that you must rekindle the relationships you've let slip. To dream that a ring is stuck on your finger, it indicates that you need to re-examine a troubled relationship.


Water is essential to life and in dreams, water symbolizes the experience in the physical level of consciousness. Water is also the symbol of a cleansing process and deals with emotional stirrings. If the water in your dream is clear, it means that there is success waiting for you, but if the water is dirty, it's a warning not to get involved in new ventures.